Raison d’être

‘BeyondClinical.com’, aims to provide a web-based environment for professional people to gain knowledge in personal, managerial and leadership development. 

Mission Statement:

  • To develop, maintain and re-kindle the sense of vocation and excitement amongst professional people through personal, management and leadership development

  • To utilise the latest web-based technology to facilitate learning

  • To build an enthusiastic web-based community of professionals, who are learning to develop in personal, managerial and leadership terms

There is an increasing demand for professionals to perform above and beyond that required to be simply ‘competent’.  This is often described as developing leadership, management or personal skills.  Moreover, for professionals to excel it is recognised that personal and leadership skills are essential.  Indeed, a key feature of high-performing individuals is their superior ‘emotional intelligence’, that is, the ability to understand your own emotions and those of people around you.  Many organisations feel there is a ‘disconnect’, or lack of engagement, between senior management and specialist groups.  This can lead to mal-alignment of the organisation’s objectives and those of the professional groups operating within it.

Here are some examples from my own profession:

§         communication skills are being widely taught in UK medical schools, yet the single biggest cause of complaints in the UK NHS is the attitude of staff, usually doctors. 

§         Clinicians are the principal consumers of resources in hospitals yet rarely have any accountability for what they spend. 

§         All developed-world countries are struggling to control the costs of providing healthcare, and many are trying to implement pay-for-performance schemes.  The result is an apparent conflict between managers and clinicians, which leads to clinicians feeling demoralised, embittered and powerless.  They feel a contradiction between their vocation to help individual patients and the managers’ insistence on controlling costs. 

§         Doctors feel demotivated and beset by bureaucracy that adds little to patient care.

BeyondClinical.com aims to bridge the gap between senior management and professional groups by teaching and training professional people in personal, managerial, and leadership skills in order to improve their performance and, at the same time, increase their sense of vocational satisfaction.  The most important strength of BeyondClinical.com is its ability to take professionals ‘above and beyond’ that which is required for clinical/professional expertise through personal, managerial and leadership development utilising cutting-edge, web-based technology.   This credibly links the professional and managerial worlds and makes the training environment highly engaging and easily scalable.

BeyondClinical.com offers web-based, interactive learning allowing busy professionals easy access to learning in their own time, at their own pace and in a ‘fun’ way. 

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