Book Club

Book clubs (see Book Reviews) are all the rage. From Richard and Judy to Radio 4, groups of interested individuals are sharing their thoughts on recent literary offerings.   Well, I happened to be leading a seminar and was telling the participants about some useful books I’d just read.  Someone said, “Are the details of these books on your blog?”  I said, “I’ll write a quick review of each one, and post them”.

Later, I was telling my wife how I’d got on and she said, “Why don’t you do a book club on your blog?” I replied, “But it’s a blog, you don’t need a book club if you’ve got a blog!”.  “Why can’t you have both?”, she came back.  Fair point…

So, how about I post a review of a chosen book and you leave your comments?  That would work wouldn’t it?  I’ll group them all together as a category called Book Reviews.


2 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. Hi there
    Found this really interesting and useful. Thanks for meeting up with me. Would really like to work with you – think we could do some great stuff, so I’m doing lots of interview homework and networking

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