Self-synchronisation: opening up health through a patient portal

Patients often start the process of self-care by gathering information from the internet.

NHS Choices in the UK provides very good information for patients and health professionals with governed clinical content. In addition, NHS Direct’s symptom checker allows a rough diagnosis leading to four outputs:

  • Self-care
  • GP visit
  • A+E visit
  • ‘999’

For a patient with a Long-Term Condition, it would be great if the ‘self-care’ option led to CSC’s Self-Care solution, where they could manage their own condition. If they could also access other systems containing information about themselves, such as hospital EPR’s/pathology reports/PACS, etc, they could be much more involved and autonomous. The ability to book appointments/calls with healthcare professionals (such as eMEDlink) would be an obvious extension, as would the ability to order drugs/fulfil prescriptions, etc.

This would look like true self-care to me!