On Wednesday, 20th July, I spent the day at our Leeds offices taking part in the Executive ‘Roadshows’ with several other Execs, and Sheri Thureen (President UK Healthcare).  There were some formal presentations, followed by a ‘Floor Walk’, where Sheri and I met representatives of all the teams at Leeds.  A couple of things stood out for me: 

  • The enthusiasm and passion shown by various teams as they described what they do, day-to-day, in their jobs.  I found it really fascinating to hear about the details of aspects of other people’s jobs and the important part they play in making up the whole
  • The sense of being part of something really important to the NHS.  All of us do, or will, come into contact with the NHS – we are, or will be, patients or relatives of patients.  We therefore have a personal stake in improving the NHS so that it becomes one of the best healthcare systems in the world.

 In my view, we are at the beginning of what could be the most important and exciting change in the way the NHS ‘does business’ since its inception over 60 years ago.  The intelligent use of information and communication is starting to revolutionise the NHS, and it’s great to be at the forefront of this – and be reminded of it!


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