Got to tell you about this! 

Last year, I emailed, on spec, the website of Daryl Hall and John Oates, to let them know about a fantastic guitarist who had done a stunning cover version of an old Hall and Oates song, ‘Sara Smile’ that was available on YouTube.  The guitarist is Monte Montgomery.  Well, would you believe it, but Daryl not only read my email but followed it up and contacted Monte, and they did a gig together, which can be viewed at

What a great example of the power of the internet, music and artistic generosity!  Happy to have made it happen.

(PS if it wasn’t my prompting, well, hey ho, still a great result!)


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  1. YOU are responsible for Monte being on Live from Daryl’s House? Thank you so much!!! That was the best 50 minutes I’ve watched online in a very long time. If you ever get a chance to see Monte in person, you must do it. He’s brilliant and you will NOT regret it. I am now waiting for him to get back from Europe and come up to the Midwest so I can watch him perform again.

    Thanks again for helping to make this happen.

    Anne in Wisconsin

  2. You’re very welcome, Anne! I am a new convert to Monte, and was only disappointed that his European tour didn’t take in the UK. I would even consider travelling to Austin (where is that anyway? :)), just to see him. Though Corsica sounded nice!

    I think it says a lot about Daryl Hall that he saw the merit of Monte’s version and, rather than feel jealous (as many ‘stars’ probably would), embraced the opportunity to create something novel.

    I hope it’s not labouring the point, but this is a kind of ‘synergy’ (Habit 6); bringing together individual pieces to create a whole greater than the sum of the parts. It’s a great feeling when it happens!

    (Also pleased that someone actually looks at my blog!). I have a new job, so have been neglecting posting a bit recently. Will rectify soon.

  3. Austin is the state capital of Texas. Monte lives there and it’s his musical home base. However, he’s been performing overseas a lot the past few months. In fact, he performed in London sometime in the past 3 months, though the date escapes me. Might even have been last month. He’s playing a bunch of festivals on the continent now; he’ll be in Austria on Friday. He’s been touring all over the United States for at least the past 8 years. I do hope you get to see him in person. His official MySpace page has all his tour dates.

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