The Next Level: what insiders know about executive success

  Scott Eblin, Davies-Black Publishing, 2006

There is often a feeling of vulnerability when you find yourself in a position of high authority in an organisation.  Many new executives fail to thrive in their new role and self-doubt is common.  Scott Eblin has analysed this transition and come up with characteristics for success.  His book is built around the notion that new executives must let go of previously successful tactics and pick up new ways of working at the higher level.  Simply doing more of the same is inadequate.  He quotes extensively from recognised high-performing executives.

The ideas and strategies suggested in ‘The Next Level’ are particularly pertinent for doctors in managerial/leadership positions, (or those who aspire to such positions).  For most of their careers, doctors have kept their ‘nose to the grindstone’ of clinical practice, studying for professional exams and perhaps engaging in some research of doubtful use.  They have not had to engage with non-clinical managers much, let alone executives or boards of organisations.  So when they achieve some sort of formal leadership role, say, Clinical Lead or Director, they usually don’t have the necessary skills to succeed.

Scott’s book has straightforward, practical advice drawn from real-life examples of success.  If you apply his advice you will astonish your colleagues and delight your board!


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