Change your questions, change your life: 7 powerful tools for life and work

I met Marilee at the Global Forum for executive development in Shanghai (great food!).   She enthusiastically told us about how we inhabit a world formed by the internal questions we ask.  She explained that if we increased the quantity and quality of our internal questions we would move from a negative Judger mentality to a positive, Learner one.  This would then lead to an ‘inquiring’ way to view the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in day-to-day.

Such an appreciative, inquiring way to see the world vastly improves our ability to function well as individuals, teams and organisations.  Her book, Change your questions, Change your life describes a fictional character who revolutionises his life and work by applying the principles of Marilee’s QuestionThinking.

I found this book very appealing and helpful.  It is simple (occasionally simplistic), but nevertheless, valid.  I have used it in situations where I felt dis-empowered or bemused.  It’s especially helpful in highly politicised situations as it forces openness and honesty in a non-threatening way.  I have also used it for groups who feel victimised or bullied.  Great for countering that learned helplessness!  Highly recommended.


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