Tips for talking to journalists

Everyone remembers how you made them feel, but not what you said!  In percentage terms, remember the old communication myth that:

  1. 55% is body language, environment, and clothes (in the public’s eyes, doctors always wear ties!)
  2. 38% is attitude/tone of voice: project warmth, friendliness and enthusiasm.  But, if talking about a tragedy, don’t smile or laugh (like the doctor in the Simpsons!), but be serious, strong and determined
  3. 7% is the actual words you say 

Helpful phrases with difficult questions: 

  • “I’m really sorry to hear you say that because…”
  • “Maybe some people would say that, but…”
  • “I can understand how some people would think like that, but, in fact…”
  • “Well, I’m not sure about that, but I do find that…. (what’s important is)…”

One thought on “Tips for talking to journalists

  1. In face to face situations words account for 7% of the message.
    Over the phone the power of words doubles – to 14%.
    So when speaking over the phone be sure to consider your choice of words even more carefully. For example finish your converstaion on a high note “You’re welcome” not “no problem”!

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