Tips for chairmen

Useful phrases to use during a meeting, (especially when dealing with people who love to hear the sound of their own voices!)

• “This meeting is about…… and by the end we should have clear actions for ….”
• “Let’s remind ourselves of the ‘ground rules’” (i.e. show mutual respect, one person talking at once, avoid shouting, let everyone contribute, be open and honest, etc)
• “I think we should hear from ……. on this”
• “Can we have some comments from …..on this, please?”
• “You’ve expressed your point very clearly, and I think everyone has understood. Is that right? Good, so let’s move on to….”
• “You obviously feel strongly about this. Can we talk more about it after this meeting?”
• “It’s difficult to concentrate when more than one person is talking at the same time”
• “So, to sum up that point…..”
• “Let’s take 5 minutes to freshen up”


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