The power of silence

Heard a great story yesterday about, perhaps, the two most important minutes of silence in Britain’s history.  The British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, had resigned at the start of WWII, and the obvious successor was Lord Halifax, who was also supported by the King.  However, the other candidate was Winston Churchill and a delegation, including Halifax, went to see him.  Churchill was asked if he would be prepared to serve under Halifax.  He looked out of the window, for a full 2 minutes, saying nothing.  Eventually, Lord Halifax said, “I suppose it might be difficult for a Lord to be Prime Minister in these circumstances.”  Churchill became Prime Minister without saying anything, and the rest is history!

Don’t be afraid to keep quiet in emotionally-charged atmospheres.   In my next post, I’ll give some more tips on how to do it most effectively. 


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